About conference

IMPORTANT: After considering the worldwide situation of COVID-19 and stringent regulation of entering Japan, we decided to hold the conference in a fully ONLINE STYLE. If you have any difficulty or concerns, please contact us by email.


WASEDA University, Tokyo and Web

Online-style conference


25-27th November 2021


The symposium mainly focuses on electrode materials of organic batteries for sustainable energy storage, flexible devices, etc.

The typical topics are…

• Synthesis of organic electrode-active materials
• Rechargeable batteries
• Primary batteries
• Flow cells
• Organic/inorganic hybrid electrodes
• Electrolytes for organic electrodes

Board Members

Daniel Brandell (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Ho Seok Park (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Ji Eon Kwon (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Jun Chen (Nankai University, China)
Kenichi Oyaizu (Waseda University, Japan)
Masaru Yao (AIST, Japan)
Matthieu Becuwe (Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France)
Philippe Poizot (Université de Nantes, France)
Ulrich S. Schubert (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany)
Yan YAO (University of Houston, USA)



[Nov 24th, 2021] Typos on the schedule were corrected (wrong USA time, program page). We apologize for the mistakes.

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[Oct 15th, 2021] Conference will be held in an online style.

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