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第24回研究会のお知らせ / Workshop


Date: Tuesday, December 6   18:30~20:30(Japan Time)

Online Meeting via Zoom

■発表 Program

ARO Yura / Curator, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
“Roles and Responsibilities of the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art as a Public Museum” (summary)

2、塩津青夏/国際芸術祭「あいち」組織委員会 プロジェクト・マネージャー
SHIOTSU Seika / Curatorial Project Manager, Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
“Aichi Triennale as an Art Festival in Cities” (summary)

書籍出版のお知らせ / Publication


Cities as Seen From the Age of Crisis: History, Art and Conceptualization

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*English follows after Japanese.


第一部 危機の時代の社会と都市、構想と未来

第二部 都市の創造と再生

第三部 都市の歴史と文化

第四部 都市の表象と美術
ニューヨークの画家 木村利三郎:都市の表象と〈9・11〉/坂上桂子
荒川修作+マドリン・ギンズの都市構想「Reversible Destiny City/天命反転都市」:プラネタリー・アーバニゼーションの時代に/田中綾子




PART I Cities in the Age of Crisis: Conceptualization and Future

Cities of Japan in “the Age of Crisis”
Koichi Osada (Waseda University)

 The Future of Cities and Roads: Space and Network
Hisakazu Ohishi (Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.)

 What Social Infrastructure for the Post-Covid City?
Mathieu Berger (Université catholique de Louvain)
Geoffrey Grulois (Université libre de Bruxelles)

 Impact of Covid-19 on the Brussels Cycling Network Development: Tactical Urbanism and Aesthetical Experiences
Claire Pelgrims (Université Libre de Bruxelles/ Université Gustave Eiffel)

 From Roads for Cars to Roads for Walking, Bicycling, and Running: Urban Difficulties and Revitalization
Masahiro Kono (Waseda University)

 PART II  Creation and Regeneration of Cities

 How Can Architecture and Cities Be Revived From Disasters ?
Nobuaki Furuya (Waseda University)

 Notation as a Creative Method
Yuri Fujii (Waseda University)

 Realizing an Art District Through Small Interventions: Reconstruction of Area Values Through a Small-Scale Continuous Upgrading Process in Tennoz
Shu Yamamura (Waseda University)

 Art and Culture in Megacities in Lands of the Rising Sun: The Case of São Paulo, Brazil
Martin Grossmann (São Paulo University)

 PART III  History and Culture of Cities

 The Plague and Cities in Classical Antiquity: Descriptions in Literary Works
Tokuya Miyagi(Waseda University)

 Cityscape with Mausoleum: The Qin She Huangdi Mausoleum and Cruise of the Soul
Mitsuteru Narayama (Joshibi University of Art and Design)

 Joseon Literati and Intellectuals’ Horticultural Hobbies in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Jung Min (Hanyang University)

 The Aesthetic Life in the Underground City: Rereading Gabriel Tarde’s Underground Man
Yoshifusa Ikeda (Waseda University)

 PART IV  Representation and Art

 Twenty Years Later, Looking at Art Made in Response to 9/11 in New York: Gerhard Richter, Eric Fischl, Naoto Nakagawa, and Roz Dimon
Gail Levin (The City University of New York)

 Painter of New York: Risaburo Kimura’s Representation of the City and 9/11
Keiko Sakagami (Waseda University)

 Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins’ City Plan “Reversible Destiny City”: In the Age of Planetary Urbanization
Ayako Tanaka (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

 “Inversion” of the Modern Art and Evolution of Museums: From Dada to Pandemic Crisis
Fumi Tsukahara (Waseda University)

 Tokyo Station Gallery’s Playbook: Problems and Missions of an Urban Private Museum
Akira Tomita (Tokyo Station Gallery)


2019年度新メンバーのお知らせ/ New Member




【顧問】-Executive Adviser

  • 塚原史

TSUKAHARA Fumi / Professor Emeritus, Waseda University Faculty of Law

【研究所員】-Researcher (Waseda University)

  • 楢山満照(早稲田大学文学学術院・講師)

NARAYAMA Mitsuteru / Assistant Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences

  • 山村 崇(早稲田大学高等研究所 講師)

YAMAMURA Shu/ Assistant Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study

【招聘研究員】-Adjunct Researcher

  • 立花英裕(早稲田大学法学学術院・名誉教授)

TACHIBANA Hidehiro / Professor Emeritus, Waseda University Faculty of Law